Taekwondo reconfirmed as an Olympic sport

The 125th IOC Session announced today from the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires that the IOC Executive Board’s recommendation to keep Taekwondo and 24 other core sports in the Olympic program has been approved by the members of the International Olympic Committee.

World Taekwondo Federation President, Chungwon Choue, expressed his gratitude to the IOC:

“I was delighted that the IOC decided to keep 25 core sports in the Olympic program following the Session this morning in Argentina. We at the World Taekwondo Federation are very grateful for the continued guidance and support we receive from the Olympic Family.”

Last year, the WTF expanded its membership to 205 nations and territories across all five Olympic continents. This year, the Federation celebrated its 40th anniversary and it will continue to develop and promote Taekwondo and spread the Olympic values around the world.

Source: wtf.org