Updates to the BTU

During the 2013 Balkan Taekwondo Championship, held in the beautiful city of Bar, Montenegro, a well balanced environment, seasoned with officials, competitors and friends from all over the Balkans, the BTU General Assembly has taken place, highlighting the 2014 proposed competitional calendar, including it’s flagship event, the Balkan Taekwondo Championship, 16th edition.

Slovenia has been approved to host the event. Among the updates from the BTU General Assembly, we bring you the official line-up voted in charge of the BTU:

President: Dr. Metin Sahin
Vice-President: Ivan Banchevsky
Vice-President: Zoran Cendic
Secretary General: Constantin Apostol
Treasurer: Nikola Gagic
Technical Director: Kristijan Kovacic
Referee Committee Director: Miroslav Brezan

Also, having been voted unanimously by all members, the BTU Council has ratified the member status awarded by the ETU and WTF towards Kosovo, and as a result, the Balkan Taekwondo Union now recognizes its 13th member country.